Cyber Graphics is committed to being responsible corporate stewards to the environment and to our community. We conduct our business in an environmentally-sound manner, above and beyond the requirements of the printing and packaging industries. 

  • Cyber Graphics uses a solvent recovery system in both Memphis and Cleveland to maximize the use of solvent and reduce the amount of chemicals used to process photopolymer material. 

  • In 2010, Cyber Graphics and DuPont partnered for a life cycle assessment of the plate making process and calculated that Cyber recycles solvent at a rate of 90%, the highest of any trade shop tested by DuPont. (Note: Memphis was the only site tested.) 

  • Cyber Graphics recycles all packing materials for plate making, paper, and paperboard at both the Memphis and Cleveland facilities. In Memphis, we also recycle plastics and cans. In Memphis, Cyber has partnered with the Memphis Humane Society to collect and donate used aluminum cans to fund the purchase of dog food for the facility. 

  • Used still-bottoms and plate scrap is collected and sent to a cement kiln to burn as a fuel (waste-to-energy conversion) in both Memphis and Cleveland. Photopolymer burns for a long time with its high BTU value, meaning that it is a very effective fuel. 

  • Cyber Graphics is committed to monitoring its energy consumption and reducing the overall impact. We have partnered with the TVA to understand where our consumption comes from and to take action to reduce the overall energy load