Prototypes That Reflect Reality

Take the guesswork out of design development.

Cyber Graphics creates realistic reproductions that are indeispensable for design development and visualization. Physical prototypes of your package, on your specific substrate, to match the look and feel of your finished package.  

Cyber Graphics prototype options:  

  • Flexible packaging in various forms and structures
  • Liner board boxes and custom POP displays
  • Die cuts, handles, custom shapes and fitments
  • ZipLoc Top Seals and heated crimp seals
  • Shrink Film 

Digital protyptes are especially helpful in the design development stages. 3D digital visuals are built to your exact package specifications. Use them for design evaluation, product and merchandising visualization, interactive media, and for retail and marketing presentations. 

Cyber Graphics prototype options:  

  • 3D stills
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Custom animations of your package presented in a retail environment


Don't tell them. Show them. 

“These prototypes are an invaluable sales tool. They give the potential buyer an idea of what a new product will look like on the shelf versus a PowerPoint slide with a usually bad picture or illustration of what it ‘may’ look like. These prototypes are worth every penny.” 

~ Jack Perkins of Gulf Pride Enterprises and Consolidated Catfish Co. 



To read more about our branding, prototyping and design work for Gulf Pride Enterprises, click through to our case study below.