Plates and Media

Investing In Innovation

The latest in plate-making technology 

Cyber Graphics stays on the forefront of media technology. You can count on our continuous commitment to providing the highest quality media. 

Strong partnerships with our suppliers and continued investment in advancement keep us ahead of the curve and your plates ahead of the pack. And as always, operations run 24/7 to ensure your media is ready when you need it.

We have the best media solution for any of your printing challenges:

Digital Photopolymer Plates

  • Offerings for both wide and narrow web
  • Multiple plate providers
  • DuPont Certification of Quality 
  • HD and Flat Top options available

Seamless Photopolymer

  • Continuous color with no plate break or expensive plate break covers
  • Perfect registration between colors
  • Reduced labor and human error
  • Quicker set up on press
  • No plate lifting, no tape, no mounting
  • Optimized to run at higher speeds

Laser Engraved Elastomers

  • Extremely durable and long lasting seamless media option
  • Material surface texture that automatically provides superior solid ink lay down
  • Manufactured near our facility, drastically reducing lead times over other sleeve options
  • Reusable - can be ground down to a new repeat
  • Has a greater range of durometers, making it the ideal solution for more delicate substrates
  • Same fast set up and perfect registration benefits as other seamless options

Plate-On-Sleeve Capabilities

  • Flat plates imaged in-the-round on the sleeve
  • No plate mounting
  • Perfect registration

Because your packaging deserves the best.

Learn more about how our advanced pre-press and imaging options can enhance your media options. 

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