Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful

Milwaukee Times- May 2017 Edition

Walkers Point, Milwaukee- On Thursday, May 4, 2017, a few employees from Cyber Graphics Milwaukee participated in a neighborhood clean-up to celebrate Earth Day in conjunction with Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful. KGMB'S mission is to promote sustainability through clean, healthy, and beautiful communities for generations to come.

Steve Parato, Ron Milkie, Cheryl Chase, Jessica Heried and Lisa Braun from Cyber Graphics joined 5 other companies from the 234 Florida Street building to clean up the neighborhood on a beautiful sunny afternoon. After an hour of clean up, they collected 15 bags of garbage and found many interesting finds. After the cleanup, the group joined the other companies, that participated, for some much earned ice cream and conversation. There was also a contest to see who could find the most interesting item during the cleanup. Our very own, Cheryl Chase, won (sorry, but we cannot share what she found)! Cheryl won a gift certificate to Purple Door Ice Cream.

Needless to say, it was a great day and we cannot wait until next year's clean-up.

Posted by Nicholas Barron at 3:36 PM