Giving Back: Cyber Supports the Community

This year, Cyber has worked hard to make an impact in our community. We are proud to share that all of our employees worked together to help support the Memphis Union Mission and the Alzheimer's Association. 

At Cyber, we pride ourselves on having a tight-knit family culture. We make sure toput extra effort into welcoming new employees, providing support for employees in need, and celebrating all of our achievements together. This year, we decided to share the love and turned our focus to the community. 

It all started off in February when Edwin Woods, our Manufacturing Site Director, started a food drive to support the Memphis Union Mission, a non-profit organization that provides meals and support every day for men, women, and families while encouraging freedom from substance abuse, ultimately reuniting them with the community as self-sufficient members of the community. "I have seen firsthand the impact this organization has on men that are going through some really tough times and need some help to get back on their feet," said Edwin, a team leader that has cooked and served meals for the participants for over four years. "As the holidays pass, ministries and programs begin to see a huge drop in donations. I know Cyber can work to change that." 

Edwin encouraged employees to donate canned food, baking necessities, and toiletries. After two weeks, Cyber went above and beyond his expectations. We collected 9 boxes of mashed potatoes, 47 cans of vegetables, 50 disposable razors, 15 cans of shaving cream, 14 large boxes/bags of cereal, 9 jars of dressing, 7 lbs. of sugar, 6 lbs. of coffee, 53 bars of soap, 39 tubes of toothpaste, 24 toothbrushes, 3 packs of dental floss, Napkins, coffee filters, lip therapy, 6 sticks of deodorant, 10 jars of jelly, 7 bottles of hot sauce, 10 cases of smoked sausage, and 15 cases of Chicken fritters, making a total of 318 donations. In addition, many employees volunteered to help Edwin prepare and serve the food. Edwin put it best when he said, "You can see for yourself what happens when a need is presented. People will respond to help." 


Cyber's food and hygiene donations

A few months later, another opportunity to give back came when Kaitlin Edwards, our Intern Coordinator and Marketing Team Member, set out to raise money for the local Alzheimer's Association's Walk to End Alzheimer's. "This is a cause that's very near and dear to my heart. One in three seniors will be affected by this terrible disease. The Alzheimer’s Association funds to provide care and support for people and families affected by Alzheimer’s while also doing research towards finding a cure. I'm proud to be a part of a company that's helping to work towards a cure," Kaitlin says. This launched the first ever Change for Charity Competition.

To raise money, the company was split into four teams (by department). Each team was given a change jar where loose change could be dropped off. Every penny was +1 point, while silver coins and dollars were negative points (-5 per nickels, -10 per dimes, -100 per dollar, etc.). Teams were encouraged to put pennies into their own jars and other donations into the competition's jars. Our original fundraising goal was set to be $350. By the end of the first day, it was clear Kaitlin had her work cut out for her. "My hands might smell like loose change for the next few days, but I am not mad about it!" she laughed while rolling pennies. That day, we raised $197.97, and it was only the beginning.

Teams dove into the friendly competition, bringing in giant change jars they'd been dropping change into for years. Two teams collected money amongst themselves, went to the bank, and exchanged bills for hundreds of dollars in pennies. By the end of the week, the results were over the top. "You all have gone above and beyond and I am so incredibly proud," Kaitlin said while revealing that the company raised $1,235.00 to donate. "The donation is amazing, but I am also so blown away with the stories you all have shared with me. I am so proud to know that you all are joining me as we fight this terrible disease." To celebrate, Cyber invited Laura Beth Davis, the Manager of Development at the local Alzheimer's Association branch, to join us for lunch and to share some information about the Walk to End Alzheimer's. "It's thanks to people like you all that we're able to make a difference," she said. "Alzheimer's touches all of our lives, even if it's indirectly. We're excited to work towards a cure with all of your help."

Change for Charity

Cyber presents check to Laura Beth for the Walk to End Alzheimer's

As the summer comes to a close and we begin to prep for the fall, Cyber is ready to start thinking of more ways to give back. "We are a family, and I am not at all surprised at how much effort has gone into these fundraisers," says Terry Young, General Manger. "I'm excited to see how we're able to make an impact in the future."

Posted by Kaitlin Edwards at 10:00 AM