Flashback Friday: 40-Year Anniversary for Edwin and Mark

This week Cyber Graphics celebrated an impressive milestone for two of our veteran employees: forty years of service with the Bryce Corporation family of companies.

Mark Parrish (Director of Customer Service) and Edwin Woods (Manufacturing Site Director) have each been part of the Cyber Graphics family for forty years.

On Tuesday friends and family gathered at the Memphis office for a celebratory lunch honoring their accomplishment. Everyone was quick to pipe up with their favorite memories and stories of Edwin and Mark over the years.

"It's been a great ride," laughed Mark.

“Some of the greatest role models in my life have been at this company,” Mark continued. “The managers had a huge impact on my life when I started here. I saw their work ethic, how they worked hard and how they were friends.”

“And now I have great friends in all of you.”

Edwin pointed out how much the flexographic printing industry has changed over the course of his years with the company.

“I’ve worked at every Bryce plant over the years, and have seen the flexo industry become what it is today,” said Edwin. “It’s a new industry, with advancing technology and a new standard for quality.”

One thing everyone felt during this celebration was gratitude.

Terry Young (General Manager & Director of Business) put it best, ”We appreciate all you've done for us. You've made a huge contribution to the success of this business, and you've paved the way for the rest of us and our families to share in the growth and success of our company.”

“And you should be hugely proud of this incredible milestone.”

Thank you, Mark Parrish and Edwin Woods, for forty great years! 

From left: Tom Bryce, Mark Parrish, Edwin Woods, and Terry Young at the celebration

Posted by Erica Morrison at 12:00 PM