Flexographic Technical Association - Forum 2018: Examining the Growth of Expanded Gamut

John Hite and Kevin Bourquin

What can expanded gamut do today? That was the driving question behind Forum 2018 session “Expanded Gamut: Where Are We Now?” chaired by Julian Fernandez of Esko and John Rastetter of Pamarco. The one-hour session comprised a joint presentation from John Q Hite of Bryce Corp and Kevin Bourquin of Cyber Graphics.

Kevin began the session with a brief history of EG, following its first use case as a means to deal with pastel colors in the 1960s, to its patenting in 1968. In the 1990s, the real technology was introduced, said Kevin, and Drupa 2004 led to an industry push for wide web, and there was workflow supplier development and large CPC driving.

“Expanded gamut is really about bringing together education, experience and new development in the industry,” Kevin said.

The pair explained that with conventional plates, there is poor solid ink laydown and ink drying on shoulders, which means inconsistency. With flat top dot plates, there is virtual elimination of the bump curve, increased gray levels and wider exposure latitude, which enables plate consistency and especially small dots. In addition, press impression latitude has improved shoulder support and reduced highlight TVI variation, and enhances solid screen impact. A shift toward higher resolution imaging means better edge definition and more round highlights.

During the presentation, the pair showed how to utilize finer-line anilox volumes, high-resolution imaging, micro-texturing to achieve flat top dots, with side-by-side comparisons. The pair also said combination print, which John called “the big kahuna,” is the true economic driver because it reduces makeready.

Typically, combination print reduces costs, waste and setups, he added. They explained ganging jobs reduces minimum quantities, generates capacity and reduces plate cost.

New technologies that will take EG to the next level are consistent plates with LED exposures, plates tuned to energy output, screening that eliminates moiré, carries more detail and smoothness, robust PQM, immediate action and data collection, and inline spectral color management.

When asked about process control during the Q&A session following the presentation, John said it is of utmost importance. “Everything is about data.”

When asked if expanded gamut is more stable, John said the creation of color is the challenge. “The key here is what can you do from a consistency standpoint when it comes to color control,” he said. “Every color is different; you’ve got to be very careful creating the right commitment with your customer about what you’re going to be able to do.”


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Cyber Graphics sees stunning results with Bellissima DMS

“Cyber has spent many hours testing and perfecting our process to support Bellissima, and the print results we’ve seen have been remarkable –  tremendous image detail, vignettes to zero with no graininess, perfectly smooth flat tints and multi-color builds. Bellissima is shaping up to be a step change in flexo print quality” says David Smith, Manufacturing Projects Manager at Cyber Graphics.

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Cyber Graphics announced as Bellissima DMS trade shop partner for U.S.

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FTA Fall Conference 2018

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'Predicting the Future' with Software

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Clemson P3 Forum

Last Thursday & Friday, Todd and I attended the first annual P3 Forum. The event was put on by the Clemson Packaging Graphics Alumni Association. This group was formed last year to help foster the development of new talent in our industry, promote practical problem solving of real world challenges our industry is facing, allow networking of fellow Packaging Science and Graphic Communications Alumni, and act as a unified voice to let the department know what KSAs we need from the gradates entering the workforce. Overall, the content was great and fostered a lot of really good discussion and group exercises. Over 30 attendees registered for the event including representatives from Tyson, Autumn Graphics, Schawk, Prototype, SGS, Cryovac, International Paper and Coveris.
In addition, all the proceeds from Sponsors, Registrations, and Donors were donated back to the Graphics Communications in Tyler Mills’ name. These funds will be used to ensure students interested in packaging have the opportunity to engage the industry through attendance of events like, FTA Forum & Pack Expo. I would also like to personally Thank Cyber Graphics and Bryce for making a special donation to the event which enabled us to raise over $13,000 dollars. Brooke, Mom, Dad, Step Mom, Step Dad, Aunt and Uncle joined us for the last part of the forum for the donation in his honor and made $2000 in donations themselves. The University gave Brooke, Mom and Dad custom framed pictures of Godfrey Hall that was printed in my advanced screen printing class in 2003 in memory of Tyler.


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FlexoGlobal Flint Group Industry News

Charlotte, NC, October 16, 2017 – With a culture of innovation and leading-edge technology, Cyber Graphics, LLC of Memphis, TN provides design, prototyping, prepress, color management and plate media services for flexographic printing.  The company utilizes multiple platforms for producing flexo printing plates, including flat and in-the-round platemaking, encompassing a range of the latest technologies in flexography to provide solutions to their packaging customers.  A high level of automation and standardization allow the company to manage multiple workflows with the precision and consistency that adds value to the end product.  In keeping with its corporate philosophy, Cyber Graphics decided to participate in Flint Group’s FlexoExpert Certification Program.

See link below for more information

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Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful

Milwaukee Times- May 2017 Edition

Walkers Point, Milwaukee- On Thursday, May 4, 2017, a few employees from Cyber Graphics Milwaukee participated in a neighborhood clean-up to celebrate Earth Day in conjunction with Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful. KGMB'S mission is to promote sustainability through clean, healthy, and beautiful communities for generations to come.

Steve Parato, Ron Milkie, Cheryl Chase, Jessica Heried and Lisa Braun from Cyber Graphics joined 5 other companies from the 234 Florida Street building to clean up the neighborhood on a beautiful sunny afternoon. After an hour of clean up, they collected 15 bags of garbage and found many interesting finds. After the cleanup, the group joined the other companies, that participated, for some much earned ice cream and conversation. There was also a contest to see who could find the most interesting item during the cleanup. Our very own, Cheryl Chase, won (sorry, but we cannot share what she found)! Cheryl won a gift certificate to Purple Door Ice Cream.

Needless to say, it was a great day and we cannot wait until next year's clean-up.

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Giving Back: Cyber Supports the Community

This year, Cyber has worked hard to make an impact in our community. We are proud to share that all of our employees worked together to help support the Memphis Union Mission and the Alzheimer's Association. 

At Cyber, we pride ourselves on having a tight-knit family culture. We make sure toput extra effort into welcoming new employees, providing support for employees in need, and celebrating all of our achievements together. This year, we decided to share the love and turned our focus to the community. 

It all started off in February when Edwin Woods, our Manufacturing Site Director, started a food drive to support the Memphis Union Mission, a non-profit organization that provides meals and support every day for men, women, and families while encouraging freedom from substance abuse, ultimately reuniting them with the community as self-sufficient members of the community. "I have seen firsthand the impact this organization has on men that are going through some really tough times and need some help to get back on their feet," said Edwin, a team leader that has cooked and served meals for the participants for over four years. "As the holidays pass, ministries and programs begin to see a huge drop in donations. I know Cyber can work to change that." 

Edwin encouraged employees to donate canned food, baking necessities, and toiletries. After two weeks, Cyber went above and beyond his expectations. We collected 9 boxes of mashed potatoes, 47 cans of vegetables, 50 disposable razors, 15 cans of shaving cream, 14 large boxes/bags of cereal, 9 jars of dressing, 7 lbs. of sugar, 6 lbs. of coffee, 53 bars of soap, 39 tubes of toothpaste, 24 toothbrushes, 3 packs of dental floss, Napkins, coffee filters, lip therapy, 6 sticks of deodorant, 10 jars of jelly, 7 bottles of hot sauce, 10 cases of smoked sausage, and 15 cases of Chicken fritters, making a total of 318 donations. In addition, many employees volunteered to help Edwin prepare and serve the food. Edwin put it best when he said, "You can see for yourself what happens when a need is presented. People will respond to help." 


Cyber's food and hygiene donations

A few months later, another opportunity to give back came when Kaitlin Edwards, our Intern Coordinator and Marketing Team Member, set out to raise money for the local Alzheimer's Association's Walk to End Alzheimer's. "This is a cause that's very near and dear to my heart. One in three seniors will be affected by this terrible disease. The Alzheimer’s Association funds to provide care and support for people and families affected by Alzheimer’s while also doing research towards finding a cure. I'm proud to be a part of a company that's helping to work towards a cure," Kaitlin says. This launched the first ever Change for Charity Competition.

To raise money, the company was split into four teams (by department). Each team was given a change jar where loose change could be dropped off. Every penny was +1 point, while silver coins and dollars were negative points (-5 per nickels, -10 per dimes, -100 per dollar, etc.). Teams were encouraged to put pennies into their own jars and other donations into the competition's jars. Our original fundraising goal was set to be $350. By the end of the first day, it was clear Kaitlin had her work cut out for her. "My hands might smell like loose change for the next few days, but I am not mad about it!" she laughed while rolling pennies. That day, we raised $197.97, and it was only the beginning.

Teams dove into the friendly competition, bringing in giant change jars they'd been dropping change into for years. Two teams collected money amongst themselves, went to the bank, and exchanged bills for hundreds of dollars in pennies. By the end of the week, the results were over the top. "You all have gone above and beyond and I am so incredibly proud," Kaitlin said while revealing that the company raised $1,235.00 to donate. "The donation is amazing, but I am also so blown away with the stories you all have shared with me. I am so proud to know that you all are joining me as we fight this terrible disease." To celebrate, Cyber invited Laura Beth Davis, the Manager of Development at the local Alzheimer's Association branch, to join us for lunch and to share some information about the Walk to End Alzheimer's. "It's thanks to people like you all that we're able to make a difference," she said. "Alzheimer's touches all of our lives, even if it's indirectly. We're excited to work towards a cure with all of your help."

Change for Charity

Cyber presents check to Laura Beth for the Walk to End Alzheimer's

As the summer comes to a close and we begin to prep for the fall, Cyber is ready to start thinking of more ways to give back. "We are a family, and I am not at all surprised at how much effort has gone into these fundraisers," says Terry Young, General Manger. "I'm excited to see how we're able to make an impact in the future."

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Meet the team Monday: David Smith and Cris Apley, FTA Forum 2016 Speakers

FTA Forum and Info*Flex is next week!

Cyber Graphics will be exhibiting at Info*Flex (Booth #414), but you'll also see us participating in two sessions at the Forum this year.

Cyber Graphics is proud to support Cris Apley (Business Development Manager) and David Smith (Manufacturing Projects Manager) as they participate in two exciting FTA sessions this year! David will be leading the Game Changing Technologies in Platemaking & Media portion of the 2016 Flexo Game Changers session, and Cris is participating in the Direct Engraving: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow session. Before they head up to Fort Worth, we wanted to make sure you have a chance to hear about their plans for the forum this year.

Tell me about your role at Cyber.
CA: I’m the Business Development Manager at the Neenah branch of Cyber Graphics. I manage the facility, where we do direct laser engraving of round and flat elastomer componds as well as processing of photopolymer plates. I also support our customers in the Fox River Valley area. I’ve been with Cyber for two years, but I’ve been working with flexo for thirty years!
DS: I’m Cyber’s Manufacturing Projects Manager, which means that I manage technology projects relating to new plate technologies and equipment. This includes flat top dots, HD imaging, and laser engraving. I also manage our Engineering Co Op Program and am the direct mentor of the Manufacturing Co Op, who gets into process engineering in our manufacturing space. I’ve been at Cyber for almost six years.

What's your favorite part of your job?
CA: It’s hard to choose. I like dealing with customers. I find helping them solve their problems is rewarding but sometimes working on production floor is nice.
DS: I love that I get to see new technologies as they emerge. I enjoy working with our suppliers, giving feedback on the up and coming tech, and so much more. I guess you could say that I enjoy that my days are never the same and that I’m always working on different things. There’s always something new to investigate both in our company and in the industry, so I enjoy that adventure.

Tell me about your plans for FTA.
CA: There’s a recently developed group of direct laser engravers (something that the FTA has never had before) and I’m a member of the group that acts as the “voice” for direct laser engraving. It’s very similar to the group of photopolymer folks. We’re aiming to make direct engraving more prominent because its capabilities and the improvements that have been made over the years are truly valuable. At FTA's Annual Forum we’re aiming to introduce everyone to direct engraving and then follow up with an open discussion/question-and-answer session that will help to further acclimate people. Each person participating has five minutes to focus on their history and where they think direct laser engraving is going. I look forward to representing Cyber Graphics, our customers and this segment of our industry.
DS: I’m no stranger to FTA- I went to a few forums while I was a grad student at Clemson and even competed in the Phoenix Challenge. I’ve attended FTA many times outside of that, but this is the first time I’m presenting, and I’m really excited. My presentation is going to be within a session that focuses on “game changing” technologies in flexo. The session will be split among several speakers- one for platemaking (me), and then one for each type of printing, like wide web, narrow web, and corrugated. We’ll each be sharing some of the revolutionary technologies we’ve seen over the past five or six years. It’s really a big celebration of the advances we’ve seen in the industry and where we’re going next. We want to make sure people at the forum are aware of these technologies and understand the benefits they can offer.

Give me a quick run down of your presentation.
CA: Throughout the years, we’ve seen steady improvements of engraved media. Everything from the quality of surface finishes to consistency of final product has increased. Direct engraving is unique because it can meet practically every printers needs, no matter how specialized it is. The advantages are numerous- without spoiling anything, I can say with confidence that in the future, direct laser engraving will be attractive to all printers, not just for continuous print.
DS: My presentation will specifically focus on polymer platemaking. Cyber has had the opportunity to work with many emerging technologies, both before they came to market and as new adopters. We’ve tested a lot of different plates and equipment, and I’ll be heavily drawing from our experiences here to talk about what the most game changing technologies are and how they make a difference for the end customer, the printer, or the trade shop.

Give me a fun fact about yourself.
CA: I have no fun at all. There is no fun. [laughs]
DS: I love music! I was a member of Clemson’s a cappella group, Tigeroar, and am now one of the worship leaders at my church.

How do you take your coffee in the morning?
Both: Black.

Cyber Graphics is no stranger to the FTA forum. Over the years, many of our employees have participated in sessions, Info*Flex, Phoenix Challenge, and more. This year, David and Cris will be joined by Kevin Bourquin, Rick Parker, Craig Hatfield, and Jim Koppes. Be sure to stop by booth #414, and to see David on Monday at 8:00am and Cris on Tuesday at 10:30am.

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Meet the team Monday: Kylie, Rashaud, and Zach, this semester of students at Cyber


This semester, Cyber had two full time interns from Clemson University and one full time co op from University of Tennessee - Knoxville work with us in our Creative Services Department, Prepress Department, and Plates and Media Department. We wanted you to hear about their experiences here before their time at Cyber ends.

In 2004, Cyber Graphics established an Internship Program with Clemson University that brings students in to work full-time on a semesterly basis. Following the success of this, we created an Engineering Professional Practice Program with the University of Tennessee - Knoxville to bring students in on a three semesters co op basis. This fall, Kylie, Rashaud, and Zach came to join us in Memphis for fifteen weeks, and we were able to sit down and talk about their experiences with them before they return to school.

Kylie [K]: Knoxville, TN
Zach [Z]: North Augusta, SC
Rashaud [R]: Florence, SC

Positions and majors:
K: Manufacturing Co Op studying Industrial Engineering with a minor in Business Administration at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville.
Z: Prepress Intern studying Graphic Communications with a minor in Business Administration at Clemson University.
R: Creative Services Intern studying Graphic Communications with a minor in Modern Language - German at Clemson University.

Fun facts: 
K: This past summer, I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland. I also took a road trip from Knoxville, TN, to Los Angeles.
Z: I enjoy outdoor sports, like hunting and fishing. I'm also a diehard Clemson fan- go Tigers!
R: I drove fourteen hours here! Straight, no breaks.
K: No breaks? You didn't even get gas?!
R: No ma'am.

Describe your positions at Cyber.
K: I work in the plateroom here at Cyber. My job is to work on various projects involving industrial engineering related issues and manufacturing. I focus on optimizing processes around the workplace to eliminate waste of time, money, materials, etc. I worked a lot in SketchUp to create 3D renderings of floor plan layouts and designing racks and other parts we needed that were eventually created.
Z: I work primarily in the Prepress department: file prep, first art, modifications, preflights, etc. I also work on special projects outside of the department. Currently, we’re working on a really large press run that I can’t go into detail about, but I’m also assisting with the CSR training program that will help improve communication between the departments. I work heavily in Illustrator (and learned a lot more about it than I ever thought I would), Prinergy, and other Adobe Suite software.
R: My overall purpose is to assist with prototype development. This includes everything from initial communication with the customers to creating the actual prototypes both on and off the computers. I also assisted with various photoshoots and design projects throughout the semester. On a day to day basis, I worked with IC3D, ESKO software, and the Adobe Suite.

What are your favorite parts of your jobs?
K: I like that I’m constantly working on different projects and that every day is different. I also get to work with a large variety of people within the company. Finally, I have been working very closely with our plant in Neenah, which is fun because I get to travel there and work with people outside of this Cyber branch.
Z: I would have to say the company culture. It’s a very unique place- I’ve made a lot of friends while I work, which is different than my previous experiences with internships, and I really appreciate that. A lot of people have taken me under their wing, and I’ve used that to expand my knowledge.
K: Ditto that. Can I add that to my answer?
R: My best experience here has definitely been getting good reviews back from customers. It is always enjoyable to hear that they like my work. It makes me feel like I made a big difference!

Why should others intern or co op here? 
K: Personally, I co oped here, which means I was here for three semester. It’s been a massive benefit to my education- not only did I gain experience and improve myself as an IE, but I also learned a lot about life outside of college and what it’s like to actually have a job that you work forty hours a week. My experience here has really prepared me for life after graduation and really helped point me in the direction of where I want to go and what I want to do. I think anyone should definitely do an internship or a co op. Specifically at Cyber, 'cause it’s great!
Z: I do believe that internships and co ops are the most important part of your college education. It’s what applies everything that you’ve learned in the classroom and gives you the advantage outside of the classroom. With regards to Cyber, I believe it’s one of the best because of the culture and because I get to learn so much. I don’t just do paperwork or twiddle my thumbs- I’ve always got a project or a task to work on, and if I don’t, Kaitlin does all that she can to make sure I get one. There’s a lot of knowledge to be gained here if you commit to learning.
R: I recommend for people to intern here because you get a large range of areas that you can learn about: platemaking, design, customer service, prepress, etc. When you intern here, you have an opportunity to crosstrain in those departments, so your knowledge isn’t limited to just your original position.
Z: The food's not bad, either.

Tell us about living in Memphis.
K: I love it! I really do. Memphis is the best! Knoxville is very much a college town, but Memphis is very much a young professional town, so as someone in her early 20’s, living in downtown Memphis is really fun. You have everything from beautiful parks to a large variety of different restaurants to the Grizzlies to the Pyramid… I could keep going forever. It’s been really, really fun, and I’ve really enjoyed it!
Z: I agree with all of that. The city has a lot to offer for a lot of ranges of people. If you want to be very active, there’s a big night life. If you want to be casual, there are more dapper places like The Peabody and Alchemy, and so many good restaurants. Also, the intern apartments are within walking distance of Central BBQ, so that’s a huge plus.
R: Dapper?
Z: Don't you judge me. You can have a nice drink and watch the Peabody ducks!
K: And there's all of the old places in Cooper Young!
R: In addition to all of the things Kylie and Zach said, Memphis is a great place to be because everyone who lives in Memphis loves Memphis. The city really takes pride in itself and is filled with great people. Also, the housing Cyber provides is really awesome and I’ve loved it.
K: Oh yeah, the apartments! Super big and safe and wonderful.
Z: Good community, too.

What advice (in and out of the workplace) would you give to incoming students? 
Z: When it comes to being the prepress intern, the biggest thing would be to get your feet wet immediately. Once you get in and get settled down, talk to as many people in the department as you can. Get to know them and learn from them because, ultimately, they’re going to be the team that holds you up and always has your back. And be sure to have an open mind when you come in!
K: Yeah, I would say communication is a big thing at work. Something I wish I had done more of that earlier on is just talking to everyone. Everyone has a large variety of knowledge, no matter their background or current position.
R: I would say don’t be afraid to ask questions.
K&Z: Oh, that's a good one.
R: Yeah. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, either. You're learning- this is an internship, and everyone knows that and is here to help you. But make sure to learn from your mistakes!
K: As far as advice for Memphis goes, I would say to just do things. Everything that you can! Have fun. Explore the city. Go check everything off of the Memphis bucket list.
Z: But be careful with your finances and have a plan!

How do you take your coffee in the mornings?
K: I don’t usually drink coffee until 2 PM, and then I put in one cream and two sugars and take four sips.
Z: No coffee for me. Sometimes I have a Coke in the morning.
R: Only OJ and protein drinks for me!

Since establishing our student programs, Cyber Graphics has had over 85 students come to work with us and fill three positions: the Prepress Internship, the Creative Services Internship, and the Manufacturing Co Op. While here, students have focused on a wide variety of special projects, including website development, photo shoots, schedule development, optimizing material handling, and more. Students report to Kaitlin Edwards (Intern Coordinator) and David Smith (Co Op Coordinator), who are both graduates of various intern programs. For more information on any of the student programs Cyber offers, go here. With any questions about the program, contact Kaitlin Edwards here.

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Throwback Thursday: CyberXtend Then vs. Now

This June, Cyber Graphics was proud to celebrate ten years of success with CyberXtend, our expanded gamut process. Here's a quick look into the history of CyberXtend, from initial planning to implementation to adjusting for advancements in technology to beyond.

Expanded gamut printing in flexography isn’t new news. Adding additional colors to the usual cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) is no longer a novelty, but a necessity. It opens unlimited color options for designers, cuts down waste in the press room, and allows jobs to be combined so that printers have more flexibility with their schedules. Cyber Graphics has been working with expanded gamut printing for over ten years, and our recent developments in profiling and plate technology have really pushed CyberXtend to the next level.  

In May of 2004, Kevin Bourquin (Prepress Manager - Memphis) led Cyber's expanded gamut efforts by challenging the company to look at expanded gamut in a new light. “Cyber wanted to develop an expanded gamut process with print in mind,” remembers Kevin, who was the Color Manager at the time. “What was the point of offering a service that sacrificed print quality to achieve a larger gamut? I knew Cyber needed to go above and beyond so we could really offer the value our customers wanted in an efficient, print-friendly way.” Initially, the biggest goal was to encourage running jobs in combination, which would reduce previously required preparation steps on the printer’s side and ultimately reduce turnaround time. Cyber quickly realized that this approach was a strong start, but we wanted to challenge ourselves to produce a quality product. "We wanted to make an expanded gamut plan that would remain consistent across multiple converters, and from there, more goals came," explains Kevin. "We wanted a single set of anilox rolls, a single set of inks, and a willingness to embrace process control. We wanted to be able to achieve more vibrant designs with more realistic images. We wanted to offer better color transitions and to remove detail loss/substrate influence from the equation. Finally, we wanted to make the process as sustainable as possible." After a year of development, in June of 2005, Cyber's first production run that transitioned an entire customer’s line from conventional print to 7-color print, launching CyberXtend into existence.

This process worked well for some time, but as Cyber continued to strive to offer the highest quality products, change became necessary. We focused a great deal on ink and how it dries and applies on press, and in 2006, we transitioned to our own custom made Super Base ink set. This helped us achieve higher densities without changing anilox rolls and without affecting drying properties. Ultimately, this let us increase the gamut by observing and testing how things ran and performed as our run speed increased. We had a solid six years running exclusively with the Super Base ink set, which taught us how to transition the old process and line jobs into expanded gamut jobs very efficiently. This ultimately prepared Cyber for the next big change: flat top plates.

Flat top technology was introduced in 2012, and while it only expanded the color gamut by about 10%, it allowed Cyber to make the process more consistent and efficient. Using flat top dots, we were able to lay down our new ink set more consistently. We were able to make the process more stable and us create strict rules for our color recipes. This greatly reduced room for errors caused by run length and dot gain while greatly strengthening consistency from roll to roll.

Cyber continued to develop CyberXtend so that we could offer our customers the best products. After flat top technology was implemented, Cyber spent two years designing custom profile software and characterization charts while analyzing our printing results. In June of 2014, the next step in the process was unveiled: CyberHD. HD jobs take CyberXtend to the next level: we are able to lay down thinner ink films, which increase drying time and encourages a more even ink distribution. HD also allows us to have rounder, more consistent highlight dots that further stabilizes dot gain. Finally, HD plates also make images look sharper because of the increase in resolution and line screens.

Today, we here at Cyber continue to offer top notch expanded gamut work with CyberXtend by going the extra mile to ensure accuracy and consistency. Our proofing system ensures that our data collection and modeling is an advanced and accurate method that produces predictable results. Our spot builds are created with a focus on color accuracy and print stability so that the first impression of a job looks just as good as the last impression. We encourage continuous improvement through process control and analysis of print performance while ensuring our plates maintain the highest level of quality. Cyber Graphics has successfully developed an expanded gamut system that insures consistency across substrate, shape, and printing processes, and the industry recognizes it- just last week at the FTA Fall Conference, Kevin was acknowledged as one on the industry leading experts in expanded gamut technology. We've had numerous articles published in Flexo Magazine, have led numerous conferences, and are frequently asked to speak on our color expertise. If you look at the shelves, you will see that our pillow bags (that were printed with flexography) perfectly match their paperboard containers (that were printed with lithography), which perfectly match the corresponding stand up pouches (that were printed by a separate printer). CyberXtend has been producing quality products for the past ten years, and we’re excited to show what it will offer in the future.

Today, over 5,000 jobs across multiple printers successfully produced with CyberXtend. Shouldn’t yours be next? Contact us.

This fall, Kevin Bourquin has been asked to participate in multiple color theory related conferences to discuss expanded gamut, profiling, color profiling, and more. He just returned from the FTA Fall Conference, where he was excited to join both theoretical and application experts as they followed the process of a job from start to finish, which they were able to explain and validate using real world data. On Wednesday, November 18th, he will be in Clemson, South Carolina for the Expanded Color Gamut Seminar, a hands on approach towards expanded gamut that involves theoretical sessions that are put into practice by building curves, profiles, file separations, and finally, printing live jobs. Kevin will be speaking on profiling, design considerations, and profile making. This seminar will be a great way to gain hands on knowledge, no matter if you're a designer, a consumer product company, or a printer. He would be pleased to answer any questions you have.

For more information on what CyberXtend can do for you, check our our Prepress Department here.

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Meet the team Monday: John Davis, Creative Services Manager


In a few weeks, John is leading a team to PLMA’S Private Label Brand Show, “Store Brands and Beyond.” We wanted to make sure you all had a chance to get to know him before he sets off!

John Davis, our Creative Services Manager, joined Cyber Graphics in 1998. His background in advertising and brand management are what led him to Cyber, and now he and the rest of the creative team provide design, branding services, photography, prototypes, and more for our customers. In a few weeks, John and a few other member of Cyber’s team are attending PLMA’s Private Label Brand Show “Store Brands and Beyond,” and we wanted to make sure that you all have a chance to meet him before he hits the road.  

Marion, Illinois. I’ve been in Memphis since 1990.

Fun Fact:
[laughs] I was the 1982 Juvenile World Grand Champion showing racking horses! That’s something not a lot of people know.

Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in Southern Illinois and went to college for graphic design. In 1990, I moved to Memphis with my wife and worked for an ad agency as an art director for a few years. I realized that the advertising industry was too volatile and economy dependent, so I went to work for a sporting goods manufacturer as an industrial designer. While there, I learned a lot about designing for flexo, which led me to Cyber in 1998. I’ve been here ever since.

Tell us about your role at Cyber.
Being a Creative Manager, I’m responsible for branding, package design, prototyping, photography and more. I lead all of those creative efforts and manage our two graphic designers, our photographer, and our two interns. My days are very fast paced and I can usually be found in the department being hands-on rather than sitting at my desk, which I enjoy.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I get to work on different brands and new projects every day. When I was a brand manager, I worked with the same brand every single day for years. That’s what I love about Cyber- it’s never stagnant. There’s always a challenge and always something new. I can be sketching logo concepts one hour and then working on 3D visuals the next! I enjoy the challenge.

What sets Cyber’s Creative Services department apart from the competition?
What makes us unique is the fact that we can design with the printing method in mind. A lot of ad agencies have very talented designers, but they make things that can’t be reproduced on a press. Cyber has a team of designers and a very talented photographer, and when we work, we’re always focusing on how our work will be affected by the print process. I believe that’s what helps our department go above and beyond.

Tell us about your plans for PLMA.
We’ve been going to PLMA for a little over ten years now. It’s really a great show for Cyber because it’s an opportunity for us to really showcase all of our abilities. Historically, we’ve done a lot of “salty snack” packaging, but PLMA really allows us to show that we excel in other areas (like packaging for home goods, pet food, etc.) as well. This year, we’re really aiming to focus on our prototyping business, while continuing to grow our photography work, prepress capabilities, and Creative Services department. Cyber is one of the only companies that can make prototypes that look and feel like the final package, something that we’re very proud of. Even our digital prototyping is becoming more and more popular- recently at a conference, the keynote speaker suggested that “conventional” grocery stores won’t be popular in 15 years as people turn to digital shopping. We have two software packages that we create digital prototypes with, which allow vendors to have a three dimensional representation of a product in a digital world. People don’t want a flat photograph anymore. They want an object they can rotate, flip, and view at any angle from their screen at home. Cyber’s creative team can provide that. We have examples of all of our work to bring with us to PLMA and can’t wait to show them off.

Anything else you would like to share?
We’re excited about the show! I think there’s an incorrect idea that branding and packaging have to be separate things, and I’m excited to show that Cyber really offers the whole package and can take your product all the way from initial branding and design to plate production.

How do you take your coffee?
[laughs] Cream and a little bit of sugar, but usually just the flavored cream is enough for me!

PLMA’s Private Label Show brings retailers, wholesalers, and customers together to focus on private label programs. More than 1300 companies from across the globe will be coming together to focus on “Store Brands and Beyond.” It’s all kicking off on Sunday, November 15th and wrapping up on Tuesday the 17th. This year, John and other members of Cyber (Craig Hatfield, Tim Cooper, and Burt Tabora) will be attending to showcase Cyber’s experience with pre-press, photography, and prototypes. Stop by to visit them at booth #2527, and make sure to check out PLMA’s Private Label Show here!

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Quality Work: Cyber Graphics completes the DuPont™ Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemaker Program

Please join us in celebrating our platerooms at all three of Cyber's locations, which have passed the DuPont™ Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemaker Program with flying colors!

Quality is something that’s very important to us here at Cyber. It’s in our mission statement, on posters that hang on our office walls, and is at the core of our values. Every day, we strive to output the highest quality products possible for our customers. That’s why we are proud to announce that for the first time ever, all three of the Cyber Graphics branches have completed the DuPont™ Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemaker program, making us the only company in North America to have completed the program at all three of our locations.

A large portion of this achievement is thanks to Lisa Gandy, a Senior Platemaker in the Memphis plateroom. To get the certification, Lisa made five plates using DuPont material output at 4000 dpi resolution (a DPR standard plate, a DPR Digiflow plate, a DSP standard plate, a DSP Digiflow plate, and a “plate of choice”), which were sent to DuPont and spot tested to meet the required criteria. Everything from positive lines to minimum dots were examined and all had to meet DuPont’s high standards. “There was actually nothing ahead of time I could have measured aside from plate thickness and relief, so even if I had wanted to, there was no way to cheat the system,” Lisa laughed. “There was no way for me to know what specifically they were looking for. It’s basically a blind test- I make the plates, I send them, and they measure different aspects of every plate we submitted.”

After the plates are submitted and graded, results are returned to the applicants. Qualifications are valid for a calendar year and have to be renewed annually and provide specific feedback on overall plate quality and areas for improvement, if applicable. This is the second year that our Memphis and Cleveland branches have passed the certification test and the first year for our Neenah branch, making us the only company in North America to have completed the program at all of our locations.

“It’s always enjoyable to work with the folks at Cyber,” Sam Young, our DuPont Representative, shared with the company the day we heard that all of our branches passed. “You all strive to achieve excellent quality, and we at DuPont are excited to see what we achieve in the future together.”

For more information on our plates and media capabilities, click here.

Main image: Chris Williams, Lisa Gandy, Billy Hodgins, Steve Dearing, Sam Young, Cindy, Williams, Hunter Gooch, Pat Lenahan, David Smith, Nancy Griffin, and Edwin Woods proudly show their certificates
Body image: Mary Graham displays up our DuPont™ Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemaker Plaque

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Meet the Team Monday: Craig Hatfield, Director of Sales

At the end of September, Craig is leading a team to PACK EXPO Las Vegas. We wanted to make sure you all had a chance to get to know him before he sets off!

Craig Hatfield joined Bryce Corporation in 1993, and in October of 2014, we were excited to welcome him to the Cyber Graphics team as our Director of Sales. His experience ranges all the way from working on-site with customers to managing the Customer Service department, and now, he is heading all of our sales efforts nationwide. In a few weeks, Craig will be heading to Las Vegas to attend the PACK EXPO tradeshow, and we wanted to make sure that you all have a chance to meet him before he hits the road. 

Dallas, Texas.

Fun Fact:
I actually have two: first, I am an Eagle Scout and have been since 1979. Second, I love to cook! Especially grilling. It's something I truly enjoy.

Tell us about yourself.
I like to play golf, watch college football, and spend time with my family. I have a son that’s a senior in college and a daughter that’s a senior in high school. I’m a pretty laid back guy- I try to not get uptight about too much.

Tell us about your role at Cyber.
I’ve been in the packaging industry since 1986, so it’s been a long time. When I was asked to come join Cyber, I was excited to help the company change how we look at things. We want to become a sales-driven company and we’d like to double the size of Cyber. I’m focusing on expanding the Cyber sales force by some hiring new folks and managing and leading our existing sales team.

What is your favorite part of your job?
The people. Not just here at Cyber, but in the industry. I have a lot of experience in other fields, but the people I’ve met and deal with in packaging create a fun environment. The people are definitely what make it so great.

What sets Cyber apart from the competition?
Cyber is very unique because we have a plethora of printer knowledge. We approach things not only from the design or graphic perspective, but from the printing perspective. We help our customers mold their files so that they can be optimally replicated on a press. We have over forty years of experience with printers just in this building, and that’s a value that I think sets us apart from the competition. We also have great equipment- we’re the beta sight for lots of equipment, and we’re on the cutting edge of technology. When you marry the print advantage with the expansive knowledge that’s here and having the best equipment at your fingertips, you get something you can’t find anywhere else. And it’s all topped off with the commitment of all of the people and employees here.

Tell us about your plans for PACK EXPO.
This is our first time to exhibit there, so we’re really aiming to connect with the market there and show them where we excel. Our strategy is to show that we have access to every plate type for flexible packaging that exists. To me, that’s a great advantage needs to be shared. Our In-The-Round media is as good as it gets- we can now offer a lot more value than we’ve ever had in the past, and we’re proud of that. Especially because our pre-press team continues to raise the bar when it comes to quality and productivity. Last year, we had the highest quality year we’ve ever had, and this year is only getting better. That’s not something everyone can offer. I’m also eager to showcase the prototypes that our Creative Services team can create. If a converter has a big customer and they want to make a presentation, we can make an exact color and material match to show their customers, which really helps them to go above and beyond with presentations. We’ll have samples of all of these things at the expo. We’re excited about being there for the first time!

Anything else you would like to share?
I’m excited to see how we as a company start evolving into a sales-focused organization. That’s why I’m here, and that’s what I’m excited about. I think that the best way to push this evolution is by attending trade shows, so I am really looking forward to PACK EXPO.

How do you take your coffee?
[laughs] Black. I drink three to four cups in the morning.

PACK EXPO Las Vegas is a tradeshow that brings processing and packaging users and suppliers from across the globe together to experience “innovations for every vertical market.” It’s starting on September 28th and wrapping up on the 30th. This year, Craig and other members of the sales force (Jim Koppes, Tim Cooper, and Burt Tabora) will be attending to showcase Cyber’s experience with pre-press, prototypes, and plates and sleeves. Stop by to visit them at booth #8256, and make sure to check out PACK EXPO Las Vegas here!

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Moving Day: Introducing our New Office Location!


We are excited to announce that on June 8, 2015, we opened our doors at our new Milwaukee location in more spacious and modern surroundings.

We've moved our Franklin, WI, location into a new custom remodeled office space in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. Our new office space is located at 234 W. Florida Street, Suite 201, Milwaukee, WI 53204. Our new phone number is 414-316-5900.

Our new office space will benefit both existing and future Cyber Graphics customers in the Milwaukee region and beyond. All will receive the same high quality services they have come to expect. This move brings the Cyber Graphics office to a more conveniently central location for customers traveling through the region, and the office has increased technical capabilities that will enhance customer communications. 

“We are excited about the new office space,” said Terry Young, General Manager and Director of Business at Cyber Graphics.

“The updates we’ve made created a high-tech, connected workspace that will benefit both our existing and future customers in the Milwaukee region and beyond.”

Ann Pieper of Pieper Properties commented, “We are thrilled to welcome Cyber Graphics to 234 Florida. They join Racon Capital Partners, Trane, Natural Resource Technology, Street Cance Marketing Communications, and many other creative and professional service companies who find the building and the Walker’s Point neighborhood to be an attractive and vibrant professional atmosphere.”    

As of June 3, 2015, we will no longer be operating in our Franklin location. If you have any additional questions about the new location, please call us (414-316-5900) and we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationships in our new location.

We'd love to give you a tour of the new office space! 

Give us a call at 414-316-5900 to set up a visit. This map shows our new location downtown. 

234 W. Florida St. 
Suite 201
Milwaukee, WI 53204



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FTA Forum 2015: Two "Can't Miss" Sessions with Cyber Graphics

FTA Forum and Info*Flex is Next Week!

Cyber Graphics will be exhibiting at Info*Flex (BOOTH #506), but you can also find us leading two sessions at Forum this year.

Cyber Graphics Prepress Manager Kevin Bourquin will chair two sessions at FTA Forum this year as part of the "Toolbox Tuesday" series. He continues his participation from last year, where his session on expanded gamut workflows was extremely well-received. He chairs both of these sessions together with Bjorn Knutson of the FTA.

Once again, these will be "can't miss" sessions to attend, particularly targeting printers and suppliers. 

“Color is the foundation of everything that we target in our industry. Whether we're talking about anilox rolls, process control or printing technologies, it somehow impacts color.” 

~ Kevin Bourquin, Cyber Graphics

Here's the session information, so you can be sure not to miss a minute of these two talks. 

Toolbox Tuesday, Part III: From Color Mayhem to Color Control

Date: Tuesday, May 5

Time: 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Chairs: Kevin Bourquin (Cyber Graphics) and Bjorn Knutson (FTA)


"CPC Color Communication" – Al Marquardt (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)

"Measurement Conditions & CGATS Data Averaging & Smoothing" – John Seymour

"Device Link vs. ICC & CxF" – Heath Luetkins (CGS Publishing Technologies International LLC)


Toolbox Tuesday, Part IV: It's Manufacturing, Not Magic!

Date: Tuesday, May 5

Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Chairs: Kevin Bourquin (Cyber Graphics) and Bjorn Knutson (FTA)


"Printer Programs People & Training with Spot Color" – Dan Doherty (Prairie State Group)

"Finding the Technology That Fits Your Manufacturing Practices" – David Hunter (Pilot Marketing Group)

"Waste Control / Defect Detection" – Windell McGill (AVT)

After the sessions, be sure to stop by Booth #506 at Info*Flex to continue the conversation!

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Flashback Friday: 40-Year Anniversary for Edwin and Mark

This week Cyber Graphics celebrated an impressive milestone for two of our veteran employees: forty years of service with the Bryce Corporation family of companies.

Mark Parrish (Director of Customer Service) and Edwin Woods (Manufacturing Site Director) have each been part of the Cyber Graphics family for forty years.

On Tuesday friends and family gathered at the Memphis office for a celebratory lunch honoring their accomplishment. Everyone was quick to pipe up with their favorite memories and stories of Edwin and Mark over the years.

"It's been a great ride," laughed Mark.

“Some of the greatest role models in my life have been at this company,” Mark continued. “The managers had a huge impact on my life when I started here. I saw their work ethic, how they worked hard and how they were friends.”

“And now I have great friends in all of you.”

Edwin pointed out how much the flexographic printing industry has changed over the course of his years with the company.

“I’ve worked at every Bryce plant over the years, and have seen the flexo industry become what it is today,” said Edwin. “It’s a new industry, with advancing technology and a new standard for quality.”

One thing everyone felt during this celebration was gratitude.

Terry Young (General Manager & Director of Business) put it best, ”We appreciate all you've done for us. You've made a huge contribution to the success of this business, and you've paved the way for the rest of us and our families to share in the growth and success of our company.”

“And you should be hugely proud of this incredible milestone.”

Thank you, Mark Parrish and Edwin Woods, for forty great years! 

From left: Tom Bryce, Mark Parrish, Edwin Woods, and Terry Young at the celebration

Posted by Erica Morrison at Friday, April 17, 2015

LAUNCH: New Website

We are pleased to introduce our new website design. After launching a major rebranding initiative last year, with our new logo rolling out to our four nationwide locations, we wanted to continue with an update to the branding of our digital presence. 

But this redesign is about a lot more than just a new look! The function for our site has been totally overhauled to better serve our customers. Responsive design will make it easier to view our portfolios on-the-go on mobile devices. Our news reel here will help keep employees, customers, and suppliers up to date on activities throughout the enterprise and throughout the industry. 

Keep checking back as we continue to update the site and add more resources and features! And please excuse any errors as we smooth out the kinks with this new platform! 

Posted by Erica Morrison at Tuesday, March 31, 2015