Flat Top Dots

Level the playing field with flat top dots.

Enjoy faster start-ups and consistent results.

Plates with flat top dots produced by Cyber Graphics will give your printed graphics better solid ink lay down and a vibrant, expanded color gamut, with results comparable to gravure.

So what exactly is Flat Top Dot technology?

Flat top dots are created on digital photopolymer plates through imaging technologies that prevent oxygen from coming in contact with the plate during the main exposure. This eliminates the dot sharpening typical to UV exposure, so dots are formed 1:1 from your file to your plate without the need for a bump curve.

How does this improve the printing results?

The greatest advantage of flat top dots is the superior ink transfer. This translates on press into higher ink densities, rich expanded gamut, and greater contrast. The stability of the flat top dot profile also creates a more durable image surface, so your prints look great from the first impression to the last. 

Cyber Graphics optimizes this process for you.

Cyber Graphics continually advances our approach to flat top dots, improving the process through research and trials with industry partnerships. Our trademark expanded gamut separation system CyberXtendTM and our specialized screenings take full advantage of flat top dot plate characteristics, creating an enriched process color range. 

The end results for you are consistent, repeatable press runs that produce beautifully vibrant and crisp print. 

Advantages to Flat Top with Cyber Graphics

  • Superior ink transfer, translating into higher solid ink densities on press
  • Improved contrast and tonal range, which can be further optimized by our CyberXtendTM expanded gamut separation system
  • The stability of the flat top dot profile creates a more durable image surface for more consistent printing
  • Cyber Graphics continually advances the process with research and trials through industry partnerships
  • Our specialized screenings take full advantage of the flat top dot plate characteristics

It's simple. We're in the business of transferring ink to substrate. This is how we do it better than ever.