Expanded Gamut

We have over ten years of experience with our custom system CyberXtend.

CyberXtendTM uses the addition of Orange, Green and Blue inks to CMYK process inks to create a vibrant, expanded color gamut.

Our trademark CyberXtendTM color separation system produces the most deliciously vibrant process images, and makes it easier than ever to match brand spot colors. It also lets you run your line extensions in combination, so look forward to reduced inventory and shorter press runs. 

  • Vibrant process reproduction
  • Combination printing
  • Inventory reduction with shorter press runs
  • Increased speed to market and faster turnaround
  • Reduced environmental impact through ink waste reduction

See Spots Run.

CyberXtendTM lets you combine multiple jobs on the same press run by replacing spot colors with expanded gamut separations. Be ready to meet customer demand while having less investment tied up in inventory. 

We've produced over 5,000 jobs with our enhanced expanded gamut separations system... Shouldn't your packaging be next?