The Arcade

What to get: Sweet Potato pancakes. They're sweet enough to eat sans syrup- just use butter!

Where to get it: 540 South Main St

Brother Juniper's

What to get: An omelet. If eggs aren't your thing, ask what the pancakes of the day are.

Where to get it: 3519 Walker Avenue

Gibson's Donuts

What to get: The maple bacon donut, the watermelon donut, the traditional donut, etc.

Where to get it: 760 Mount Moriah Road


What to get: Eggs benedict "Southern Style."

Where to get it: 51 Harbor Town Square



What to get: Go on a Saturday for the "Famous Saturday Brunch." Make sure you get the Ghetto-Aid as your drink.

Where to get it: 145 South Main St


What to get: Go on a Sunday for a special brunch and drink menu. Everything on the menu is good, no matter what meal you go for.

Where to get it: 2120 Madison Avenue

Front Street Deli

What to get: Sandwiches and the mini cheesecakes. (This is a good place to go on your lunch break- it's close by!)

Where to get it: 3301 Winchester Road

The Majestic Grille

What to get: "I don't think I've ever eaten anything at Majestic that I didn't like." -Christy Horton, Prepress Artist (and old intern)

Where to get it: 145 South Main St

Young Avenue Deli

What to get: A sandwich (any kind) and a side of sweet potato fries.

Where to get it: 2119 Young Avenue



What to get: The Other Side if you want pizza, The Grandmother if you want a sandwich.

Where to get it:  Downtown: 100 S Main St #101 Midtown: 752 S. Cooper St

Bahn Thai

What to get: Masaman curry with pork.

Where to get it: 1324 Peabody Avenue


What to get: The chicken shawerma.

Where to get it: 5030 Poplar Avenue #7

Central BBQ

What to get: BBQ nachos on their kettle chips.

Where to get it: 147 E. Butler Avenue

Ernestine's & Hazel's

What to get: A soul burger!

Where to get it: 84 E GE Patterson Avenue

Gus's Fried Chicken

What to get: The two piece white plate with a side of fries.

Where to get it: 310 S Front Street


What to get: The Local Burger with an egg and bacon.

Where to get it: 95 S Main Street


Bluff City Coffee

What to get: A Micha Bianca for coffee lovers, a Cremosa for non-coffee lovers.

Where to get it: 505 S Main Street

Java Cabana

What to get: A Mystery Train for coffee lovers, a French Soda for the non-coffee lovers.

Where to get it: 2170 Young Avenue

Otherlands Coffee Bar

What to get: A Jakeiato if you want something hot, a Mocha Freeze if you want something cold.

Where to get it: 641 S Cooper Street

Tamp & Tap

What to get: An iced mocha if you're going back to the grind, a local brew if you're trying to unwind.

Where to get it: 122 Gayoso Ave


Cheesecake Corner

What to get: Any cheesecake (they're all divine).

Where to get it: 113 E GE Patterson Avenue

Jerry's Sno Cones

What to get: The famous Wedding Cake Supreme Sno Cone is always a good choice, but there are many flavors to choose from (make it a supreme for layers of vanilla ice cream).

Where to get it: 1657 Wells Station Road

Muddy's Bake Shop

What to get: Any cupcake (they're all wonderful).

Where to get it: 585 S Cooper Street

Yolo Froyo

What to get: Self served froyo or gelato.

Where to get it: 6 S Cooper Street