CyberHD: It's Flexo, Only Better.

Discover superior highlight range and stability on press.

Cyber Graphics advances your print with high-definition plate imaging. Take advantage of pristine highlight tones and our premium expanded gamut separation system, CyberXtendTM.

So what exactly is CyberHD?

CyberHD combines high resolution imaging with flat top dots and specialized screening methods to create high-definition flexography. This process impacts the overall appearance of the print by extending the tonal range and expanding the color gamut with better solid ink lay down.

Precision imaging creates highlight tones that fade smoothly to white like never before.

How does this improve the printing results?

Higher resolution imaging produces more data to create rounder dots with improved shoulder definition. As a result, the print has sharper details, cleaner line art, higher tonal contrast, and less dot gain. 

Additionally, this well-supported dot shape provides greater stability on press, giving your press runs greater constancy so your last impression looks as good as the first.

Cyber Graphics optimizes this process for you.

Cyber Graphics continually advances our approach to CyberHD, improving the process through research and trials with industry partnerships. Our trademark expanded gamut separation system CyberXtendTM takes full advantage of high-definition flat top dot plate characteristics, giving you the best of both worlds: superior solid ink density and optimized highlights. 

Advantages of the CyberHD Plate System

  • Combines high-resolution imaging (4000 ppi instead of 2400/2450 ppi) with flat top dots and specialized screenings
  • Extends the tonal range and expands the available color gamut
  • Improves solid ink laydown, giving you vibrant color and higher contrast
  • More resolution data creates better shoulder definition and rounder, more durable dots, resulting in sharper details and cleaner line art
  • The well-supported dot shape provides greater stability on press for consistent, repeatable results and reduced dot gain in the highlight range

It's not just HD. It's HD by Cyber Graphics. Upgrade your packaging graphics today.